Chop Chop

Here’s our new single ‘Chop Chop’. It’s an early taste of our new album ‘II’ which is out on September 28th.

You don’t hear much treadmill-friendly future-rock; the worlds of cerebral guitar soundscapes and sweaty circuit training rarely cross over. As the title of our new single might suggest, ‘Chop Chop’ is a call to action. Even recording it almost became a competition.

“’Chop Chop’ was a bit alien, it started with an old drum machine I had that was bigger than a computer,” recalls guitar wizard Philipp Weies. “I ran it through this filter and it went on for seven minutes, it got crazier and crazier and more distorted. Then our keyboardist, Hans, he found this sound, made it way faster, and we thought ‘whoa’ – then we had to keep up with the tempo.”

The finished track wound up as a nine-minute ever-expanding epic: put it on repeat and that’s the soundtrack for your next interplanetary 10k sorted. And there’s more to come, although not always in the same ballistic ballpark. ‘Chop Chop’ is an early taste of our second album, ‘II’, and though this first track is momentous, much of the hugely confident new offering pushes the trio’s sound beyond the thrust of that debut collection. ‘II’ is released on September 28th, and pre-orders are available via gomarch.bigcartel.com.

Listen here to ‘Chop Chop’.