Our album is out now!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are extremely excited to announce the release of our debut album ‘Go March’! It is out now via Unday Records!


What does it sounds like?
The fine folks at Ransom Note are streaming the album today on their website. Check it out on http://www.theransomnote.co.uk/music/news/first-listen-go-march-unday-records/

How to get your hands on it?
1/ Run to your local record store and buy it!
2/ Buy it directly from the band at http://gomarch.bigcartel.com.
3/ Buy it from iTunes.
4/ Buy it online at Amazon.com, bol.com, Fnac, Juno…

What do others think of the album?

“A pretty impressive instrumental record, the technical ingenuity they possess, and that ability to know just when to change from eerie keyboard progression to blistering guitar riffers, make the journey even better.” – NARC. Magazine

“Sounding like Holy Fuck having a bash at some German Motorik covers, Go March cut a powerful figure, as hypnotic rhythms inter splice with devastating melodies and enough swagger to make Bobbie Gillespie take pointers.” – thisyearinmuisc

“Drumbeats pulseren, de gitaargrooves hypnotiseren en de vette synths bezweren.” – De Morgen

“Belgisch, instrumentaal, nogal sterk.” – Focus Knack

“Zeitschleifen in Rhythmik, Synthies und Gitarrenfiguren variiren subtil mit jedem Neustart und entfalten eine Sogwirkung wie schwarze Löcher.” – VISIONS Magazin

When does Go March play live?

10/12 Gent (B) – Glimps @ Handelsbeurs Concertzaal
12/12 Gent (B) – Glimps @ NTGent Minnemeers
13/01 Groningen (NL) – Eurosonic Noorderslag @ Huis De Beurs
29/01 Amsterdam (NL) – Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond

More dates will be added soon!

Thanks for your love & support!